L'unità e la dis-unità d'Italia. Dialogo. (II)

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Dal paper (pag. 9)

Relative to sub-Saharan African averages, most economic and social indicators reflect outstanding living conditions for the average Botswanan citizen. For example, Botswana’s infant mortality rates are much lower than the average sub-Saharan African rate. Similarly, Botswana’s average caloric intake and education levels are well above average.

Botswana’s rapid economic growth has been the key factor driving improvements in standards of living. From 1965 to 1995, Botswana was the fastest growing country in the world. During this 30-year stretch, Botswana’s average rate of growth was 7.7% per year. Relative to other nations, Botswana rose from the third poorest nation in 1965 to an “Upper Middle Income” nation.

In una nota si dice anche che una dimensione in cui il Botswana sta facendo male è l'aspettativa di vita, principalmente a cusa dell'epidemia di AIDS.