Goldman Sachs sotto accusa

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La questione mi affascina molto anche se non ho competenze matematiche sufficienti per approfondire. Offro come spunto un brano che mi ha colpito:

After Wall Street bailed LTCM out, Mr Meriwether quoted his colleague, Victor Haghani, on how other firms had traded against it: “The hurricane is not more or less likely to hit because more hurricane insurance has been written. In the financial markets this is not true. The more people write financial insurance, the more likely it is that a disaster will happen, because the people who know you have sold the insurance can make it happen1.”

(Ho messso io il grassetto).Mi pare che sia un aspetto importate su cui lavorare.

 1Economist,When markets turn,A parable of how modern finance can go wrong,Jan 22nd 2009