The ''new'' Geithner plan

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Do you want to know how the "capturing" takes place? It takes a place this way, with Fed and Treasury being filled by Wall Street executives in "temporary mission behind enemy's lines".

If a highly paid private bank executives is willing to go work for the Treasury, how much do you think he is giving up in salary and bonuses? Which implies: EITHER he is, as above, in a secret mission OR the market for these guys is, finally, drying up. Hence, the retention bonuses are even more unjustified as they are being retained only from moving into ... well earned unemployment.

Maybe a few additional words on the once praised US lobbying system could help. US companies have always been keen to hire (or re-hire) people coming from FED/Government/Public Agencies. IMHO what has happened in the last years does not support the view of those who used to approve the apparent transparency of effectivness (for whom ?) of such system...and is not only a matter of regulator capture.